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Govt receives woodland report


Minister Pippa Hackett

Minister Pippa Hackett

Minister Pippa Hackett


Senator Pippa Hackett, Minister with responsibility for forestry last week received the second interim report on the implementation of Project Woodland.

The report, prepared by the Project Board, confirmed that the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine is proceeding with a full regulatory review of forestry licensing to be conducted by external consultants Philip Lee. The review is expected to be submitted in February 2022.

The report also noted progress on both the proposals on pre-application discussion and the planning grant. The work on the next Vision and Strategy for Irish forestry was also reported to be making good progress with a national attitudinal survey on forestry abut to commence and the community-based outreach through National Rural Network already underway.

Commenting on the update, the Minister said, “I am happy to see solid progress being made because it is essential, if we are to reform the design and delivery of woodland creation in Ireland, that Project Woodland succeeds.

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“The importance of us planting more trees and forests has been brought into sharp focus this week with the ongoing of COP26 negotiations and the upcoming delivery of the Climate Action Plan. It is simply the case that woodland creation must be central to our land-based climate and biodiversity solutions.”