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A new future for Killorglin courthouse in the pipeline

Kerry County Council is to examine the possibility of using Killorglin Courthouse as a space for community groups and a home for the Killorglin Archive Society.

The court service has indicate that they no longer intend to use Killorglin Courthouse as a sitting court, leaving the building lying idle. 

A deputation from Killorglin Archive Society has sought support from the local authority to begin the process of using this building as a permanent home for the society. 

Currently the Killorglin Archive Society is located at the Seanscoil in Killorglin, but they believe that a town-centre building would allow them to  continue their work of preserving local history for the future and give them a permanent home to exhibit the collection of photographs and memorabilia that the charity has collected over the years. 

The deputation was supported by Cllr Michael Cahill and Cllr Patrick Connor Scarteen, who both believe that the courthouse should be used for the benefit of the local community. 

Kenmare Municipal District Manager Martin O'Donoghue said the council would explore the option of putting the building back into action, but he warned that the former courthouse needs extensive renovation and funding to carry out these renovations. 

"We will explore the idea, but fundamental works are required, including structural works, as it is not rendered safe at the moment," Mr O'Donoghue said. 

The deputation, which included former Cllr Johnny Porridge and other members of the Killorglin Archive Society, will meet with the facilities manager of the local authority, John Purcell, to move the project forward. 

The Killorglin Archive Society welcomed the positive response from the council. The organisation is also calling on the public to engage with its work and provide old photographs. It is also seeking to interview local people about the area down through the years, to compile a complete record.