Shocking footage emerges of ‘serious’ Kerry assault over St Patrick’s weekend

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Sinead KelleherKerryman

A sickening video of a vicious assault – underscored by the sound of a man’s skull hitting the ground – in the town of Kenmare has circulated widely this week.

The frightening incident involved several males who came to blows in the town centre in the early hours of Sunday morning, during the St Patrick’s weekend celebrations.

The video shows two separate assaults. In one assault, a male runs at another male, and both begin to grapple, exchanging several blows.

In a second and more serious incident, a man is seen receiving a blow to the head, knocking him to the ground to the sound of his head cracking against the pavement. The man appears to lose consciousness, with a crowd gathering around him. It is understood the injured party suffered a serious head injury during the incident. He is not from Kerry, though some of the parties involved are from Kenmare and believed to be teenagers.

Gardaí in Kenmare have launched an investigation into the fighting which broke out on Henry Street in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Gardaí have appealed to anyone who witnessed the fight to contact them at Kenmare Garda Station on 064 664 1177.