See the glory of Killarney National Park as David Attenborough pays tribute to its beauty

Sir David Attenborough has praised the beauty of Killarney Niational Park.

Sinead KelleherKerryman

The glory of Killarney National Park will be seen by millions across the globe with the latest episode of David Attenborough Wild Isles to be aired on BBC tonight, Sunday March 26.

The extensive footage filmed back in 2021 focuses not only on the beauty but on the magnificent Red Deer and rutting season.

The fact that Killarney National Park has featured extensively in the new nature documentary directed and presented by David Attenborough has been described as a “tremendous boost” for Killarney and all of Kerry, and a massive pre-season bonus for the tourism industry in the county.

The beauty of the 26,000-acre national park featured in the latest series of BBC’s Wild Isles, which can also be seen online and will be watched by people across the world. Sir Attenborough has praised the park’s scenery and said its beauty was every bit as spectacular as other locations the seasoned broadcaster and nature enthusiast has seen.

“With its astonishing scenery there are extraordinary animal dramas and wildlife spectacles to match anything I have seen on my global travels,” he said.

Joint President of Killarney Chamber of Tourism and Commerce Johnny McGuire said it is a wonderful compliment to the park that such a legendary biologist and broadcaster has zoomed in on the local nature and the wildlife and the magnificent scenery that can be enjoyed at the park.

“This is hugely significant and it will be a major advantage in showcasing the charms and the beauty of the national park to such a wide audience around the world, both on the BBC and online,” Mr McGuire said.

Mr McGuire said it is understood the camera crews have superb footage of stags battling ferociously during the rutting season in the park, and the programme is also expected to explore several walking trails winding through lakes, glens, waterfalls and forests, against a striking mountain backdrop.