Yvonne to jet off to the sun after stress of Jack's exams


She's just finished a four-week cookery course and now Yvonne Keating is looking forward to escaping to the sun this summer.

The mum-of-three will be whisking her brood away to Portugal for a relaxing getaway and Yvonne admitted she needs to de-stress after fussing over eldest son Jack while he sat the Junior Cert.

"I feel as if I am doing the exams too," the blonde joked.

The former Celebrity MasterChef contestant and kids Jack (16), Missy (14) and Ali (9) go to Portugal on their summer holidays every year and Yvonne is looking forward to this year's trip away more than ever after a busy few weeks with exams.

Top of the model mum's list of priorities is spending quality time with her kids.

"We get so busy running around, going here and there with the kids, that it is nice to spend quality time with them," she told Woman's Way.

"A lot of their friends go to the same place, so we will all be there at the same time."