You're hired Mary Hanafin should be the Taoiseach -- Bill

IDEAS: 'We need a national government -- but don't invite the Greens'


APPRENTICE boss Bill Cullen wants Brian Cowen fired as CEO of Ireland Inc in favour of a "feisty" Mary Hanafin.

The successful entrepreneur believes that the situation is now so dire that all the main parties should come together to form a national government.

However, he wouldn't allow the Green Party into the arrangement because they would ruin the country with a madcap agenda.

The "disappointed" Fianna Fail supporter told the Herald today that he believes Ms Hanafin is the best performer in Irish politics and would "blossom" in the role of Taoiseach.

"Women are multi-taskers. I've been doing school visits for years now. If I go into a girls' school they'll knock the socks off the boys," the self-made millionaire said.

"She is, unfortunately because of the death of her husband, a single lady, so we'll get 120pc from her.


"And she's proven herself in many different ministries over the years. She's been used to go out there and try put up the blocks when things go wrong with the media and she handles it particularly well," he said. "She's a diplomat. And she's feisty. If you get on the wrong side of her, she'll tell you what she thinks.

"She has all the characteristics that I like as a leader. If she got the job she would blossom."

In an interview with the Herald, Mr Cullen explained: "The way I see it at the moment we need a national government. We need to grasp the nettle and run with it."

He added that "Brian Cowen needs to have a few words with himself" but that ultimately he has passed the point of rescue.

"If you think of the party you can kind of put that to one side. That's just the final thing that's happened that's upsetting people."

Referring to the Taoiseach's infamous RTE interview on Tuesday he said: "It shouldn't have happened. I don't think he was drunk. Having said that he didn't seem prepared for the questions and that's the point. You prepare for an interview," the Renault boss said.

"My problem with Brian Cowen, my problem with it is that there is no connection with us, the citizens.

"Why haven't we the leader of this country on the radio once a week or once a month," he asked.


But he saved his strongest comments for the Green Party and it's leader John Gormley.

He stood over previous comments that Mr Gormley is "a gobshite".

"What he has done is dreadful," Mr Cullen said.