'You don't know the number of years I've been under pressure'

Paul Hyland

GIOVANNI Trapattoni has shrugged aside the suggestion that he is feeling the heat after a dire World Cup opener against Kazakhstan.

"You don't know the numbers of years I've been under pressure," Trap said.

"It was the first game of the new campaign. We lost against Italy and Spain in the Euros, the two best teams in the competition and we are not real Madrid , not Argentina , or Bayern or England or Germany.

"We are Ireland and we have to think about what happened three, four years ago against Cyprus."

However, Trapattoni is rapidly assembling his own batch of video nasties which could well be used by the next manager in to illustrate what the players should not be doing when they're on the pitch.

Trapattoni landed in London to a storm of criticism, not least from friend and former assistant Liam Brady who has suggested that senior players need to sit him down and tell him that Ireland must change or fail.


It was an odd suggestion from Brady and one that was dismissed contemptuously by Trapattoni: "Liam Brady was never a manager".

Brady had largely unsuccessful spells in management at Celtic and Brighton before he gave up and retreated to Arsenal to work as Academy chief.

"When Liam was my friend, I put him in the bench, I gave him the opportunity to play.

"But Liam was never a manager," he said. "After, I talk with Liam."

Trapattoni is clearly running out of friends in Ireland who think that he is capable of stepping outside the long ball strait jacket he has wrapped Ireland in.

And the last-gasp win in Astana has only served to prolong what is now certain to be a long and acrimonious end to his time as Ireland manager.

James McClean is clearly now in the bad books and will not start against Oman, a game which would have given him a chance to stretch his legs and show what he can do on the wing.

"He was mortified," said Trapattoni when asked about the infamous McClean tweet.

"If he could have he would have eaten his words. I said to everyone, this is not about respect for the manager. It is about respect for all.

"His colleagues are the players. If I don't play him, I play the other.

"There was Kelly, and Doyle, both with many caps on the bench.


"What can I say? He was very very apologetic."

Trapattoni revealed that senior players had taken McClean to one side and insisted he take down the offending tweet. "His teammates spoke to him and I know what was said.

"Another manager, English or German, would have said take your bag and go home. But I might need him in the game to score a goal. If he goes home, he can't score a goal.

"He must have respect for the others, also Gibson. "They must understand to have respect for the others."


Forde; Coleman, McShane, Kelly, Wilson; Brady, McCarthy, Meyler, Keogh; Doyle, Long.