Work is hitting bit of a bump for model mum-to-be Sarah

MODEL MUM: Sarah McGovern with her son, Jude Mum-to-be Sarah McGovern is learning all about the downside of being a pregnant model. Blonde beauty Sarah has revealed how her maternity modelling contract with UK retailer Marks and Spencer is now in doubt – because her bump is too big.

The 33-year-old is expected to give birth to her second child with husband Kenny Vaughan in January.

Sarah was over the moon to land a maternity modelling gig with Mothercare in the UK in September, but now at 33 weeks, she can't fly for the remainder of her pregnancy.

"I did a job in England and then I got an M&S gig which was cool, but unfortunately it was put back until December," Sarah told the Diary.

"I can't fly for the rest of my pregnancy and I think I am too big to do it now anyway.


"But if I can do it I'll probably get a boat or train to make sure I get there," Sarah said.

The mum-of-one said she would go the extra mile for a gig once the pay is right. "If it's worth it then definitely yes."

At the moment, however, slender Sarah says her bump is just the right size for modelling jobs.

"It all depends on what is out there work-wise," she said.

"I was pregnant at the wrong time on my last pregnancy where my bump was big in the summer time when it was quieter."

"Now I am the right size for jobs, but it's not like I'm working every single day so if a job comes in then I'll do it."

Happy couple Sarah and Kenny are looking forward to welcoming the new addition to their family and a brother or sister for son Jude.

As she reaches the final stages of her pregnancy, Sarah said the importance of staying fit and healthy is more prominent then ever.


"Back pain is starting to kick in now, which I didn't really have before.

"Yoga is great for it because it stretches your back out."

The AR model is still hard at it in the gym and believes it will benefit her pre and post-pregnancy.

"I am still in the gym twice a week and then I do pregnancy yoga and more exercise," said Sarah.

"My trainer pushes me, but I think it is good for you and helps with the labour.

"My doctors always tell me that it is like training for a marathon so the fitter you are the easier it is.