Woman had knives 'for work in her house'

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Andrew Phelan

A woman caught illegally carrying three knives in the waistband of her jeans said she was hoping to use them to do some work around the house.

Lisa Lee (37) had the knives on her when she was stopped by gardai in the city centre, a court heard.

Judge Michael Walsh put her on a one-year probation bond when she appeared before Dublin District Court on a weapons charge.

Lee, of Portland Place in the north inner city, pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of knives.

The court heard Lee ran from gardai when they saw her acting suspiciously on Townsend Street.


She was stopped a short distance away, and when the officers took her to a garda station she was found to have three Stanley knives in her waistband.

Lee had bought the knives in a pack of three and "hoped to do some work in the house", her lawyer said.

She did not brandish them, but regretted not bringing them to the attention of gardai on the street.

Lee came from a difficult background and had addiction issues, her lawyer said.

A recent family tragedy had had a devastating effect on her and she had made some "bad decisions".