Will Vogue convince Brian to star in new series of Fade Street?

The producers of Fade Street are hoping to convince Brian McFadden to appear in the upcoming 'webisodes' of the reality show.

The RTE show was given the green light for a new series this week and producers want to get more men involved.

A source close to the production team revealed that Brian, who is dating the show's Vogue Williams, has already been approached to star in an episode but is very "reluctant".


"They are such a guarded couple, they don't want to be under pressure. But they are hoping that Vogue can convince him to appear in just one webisode," an insider said.

Fellow Fade Street star Louise Johnston is optimistic about Brian joining the team.

She said it is certainly a possibility that the former Westlife star will film a few scenes for the new series.

"He's a big part of Vogue's life now so you never know. That's what Fade Street is all about, bringing your own life into it," she explained.

The Dublin model made the comments at the launch of the new TV3 documentary, Catwalk To Kilimanjaro, which she stars in with her model pals Georgia Salpa, Roz Purcell and Daniella Moyles.

Louise has also vowed to find herself a man in the second series of the show.

The 22-year-old told the Diary that she has been asked to find herself a love interest in the upcoming shows.

"Producers joked that they should make the show about me finding a man, and I said that I don't mind.

"I'm hitting the five-year mark of being single this September, God help me," she laughed.

The AR model revealed that she's hoping the Fade Street crew will cast a hot sports star.

"For me, I like tall, dark and handsome, an athletic boy with charm and wit and who's smart and successful ... no wait he doesn't exist," she joked.

"I've kissed a few frogs and hopefully I'll find myself a Prince Charming now."

An insider revealed that producers are hoping to cast a rugby star in the next few weeks, in order to cause some tension between the girls.

Meanwhile, Louise revealed that she has a very important interview on Friday and is hoping to bag a new job.

Last season saw her working as an intern on VIP Publishing's Stellar magazine.

Louise added that the second series of Fade Street will be quite a change.

"Fade Street will have evolved. It will be a different perspective because our lives have changed and I'm doing modelling now so it will show different things," she said.