Will RTE gamble on quiz show with Brian?

Teresa Gallagher

RTE is hoping to put recent quiz show flops behind it as it tests out a new family game show, which it hopes will get viewers tuning in.

BIG Brother winner Brian Dowling is expected to present the family-based game show, I've Got Your Back.

The pilot episode was filmed last week but won't air until January 2013.

RTE failed to grab viewers' attention with their quiz show Who Knows Ireland Best? which screened earlier this year.

The survey-based show hosted by Derek Mooney claimed it would be something like an Irish version Channel 4's QI.


It pitted people from different professions against each other to prove their insight into Irish society in the hope of provoking interesting and entertaining banter. However the low-cost show, which offered no prize other than the satisfaction of winning, received mixed reviews.

This new show is aiming to be more like TV3's Family Fortunes or RTE's It's A Family Affair which aired back in 2000.

It will see family members bet on each other's ability to answer questions correctly.

Each family of five begins with €10,000. They are asked six questions and have to gamble all the money on which members they think might answer correctly each time.

And they have to do this with their backs to each other, so they can't give any facial cues.

Brian Graham of Adare Productions told the Herald: "We are still working together with RTE to see if this format has legs. The pilot is still in pre-production."

If the pilot is successful, a series of one-hour shows featuring five families will go ahead next spring. It's expected Dowling will continue to present it, but this has yet to be confirmed.