Why won't celeb chefs save us from 'moob' ops?

MALE breasts, or 'moobs' as they're known, have become such a problem for our pals across the water that the British taxpayer is now forking out for their removal. They reckon it's to do with their obesity epidemic.

The record on healthy eating for our kids in this country is more than a little battered in convenience foods, deep fried in delusion.

We've all done the off-the-supermarket-shelf feeding, (if the package says it's organic, it may as well be cooked by my own fair hand) and persuaded ourselves that baked beans are almost a superfood for a tot.

There are babies scoffing sugary yogurt, toddlers eating Burger Bites for lunch and teens glugging soft drinks in school -- it's Jamie Oliver's worst nightmare. He'd better close his eyes when he comes here to open his new restaurant in Dundrum.

There are 300,000 children thought to be obese in this country.

Jamie says among the worst things you can feed them include chicken nuggets, chips and fizzy drinks.

We've got our own brilliant celebrity chefs in this country who could beat the chef's white pants off Jamie in a restaurant. We have politicians too. So why don't they take up Jamie's crusade here?

Or else bills for teen moob removal might be coming down the line for the taxpayer ...