Why living alone can be bad for your heart

Jonathan Gray

Living alone after a heart attack is associated with a higher risk of death over the next four years.

A new study also shows that a lack of support at home is also linked to a lower quality of life just one year after the attack.

While the risk of death one year after a heart attack was about the same among people who lived alone and those who lived with others, after four years the risk of death was about 35pc higher for people living by themselves, the American study shows.


"Special consideration should be given to ensure patients who live alone receive adequate social support," said lead researcher Emily Bucholz

Although the study could not prove that living alone caused earlier death, the team did account for differences between the people living by themselves and those living with others, such as gender, race, marital status and pet ownership.

That's important, because these differences alone can affect well-being and the risk of death, said cardiologist Sharonne Hayes.