... while the IFTAs crew party the night away

Kirsty Blake Knox

It was 'murder on the dance floor' at the IFTAs after- party.

The Love/ Hate crew worked hard to bag those six IFTAs and on Saturday night, they partied even harder.

"We haven't seen each other in ages," actress Charlie Murphy (27), who bagged the IFTA for Best Actress, told the Herald.


"There will be a few sore heads tomorrow."

Time was called on the official party in Dublin's Convention Centre at 2am, but the crowd decamped to the nearby Gibson hotel where they stayed up until 6am on Sunday.

However, the gang was minus its leader Tom Vaughan-Lawlor (Nidge), who had to catch an early flight back to London.

An onlooker said: "Everyone was having the time of their lives, knocking back drinks and in roaring form. There was a real party atmosphere and even the losers were enjoying themselves.

"Chris O'Dowd's wife Dawn left him at the bar drinking whiskey. She was a bit tired but he was up for a big night out."

Chris and Dawn (34) spent the evening dancing wildly around Moone Boy's IFTA statuette.

Susan Loughnane (27), Denise McCormack and Charlie jumped about while Peter Coonan enjoyed pints at the bar.

He may not have picked up an award, but Robbie Sheehan was in flying form, charming the ladies with his cheeky grin and his sequinned bow tie. The star is looking forward to the release of Mortal Instruments but says he doesn't consider himself a Hollywood A-Lister just yet. "When you've released a sex tape, that's when real worldwide fame sets in," he joked. "I've got the sex tape ready to go."

Meanwhile, Jack Reynor (21) turned heads when he arrived at the event with his new leading lady, model Madeline Mulqueen (22).