What do you think of Mary's chances

Stephanie Costello (22), Dublin 2

I don't think she'll go tonight, I think a few people will go before her. Louis hasn't given her the best songs though. She's peaked and she won't make the final. Wagner should win.

Laura Murray (24), Rathfarnham

I love Mary, she's great but I don't know if she'll win because she's older. I think she'll get through tonight though. One Direction will win, young girls will vote for them.

Kate Murray (22), Dublin 16

I don't like Mary much. She's a good singer but you want to see her dance. One Direction will win because they're much more versatile.

Dearbhla Doherty (20), Rathmines

I think she's really good. She won't win though, because people are voting for Wagner and the competition is very strong. I hope Rebecca Ferguson wins.

Mona White (26), Dublin 2

She's good but the pressure's getting to her and she needs to sing something new. She'll probably get through tonight because the whole of Ireland is behind her.

Susan Finn (26), Dublin 8

I love Mary. I think she's a great personality. She also represents the people of Dublin and Ballyfermot very well. I've been voting for her, but I think Matt Cardle will win.