Wet and jealous... you bet I am

Ralph Riegel

THE rest of Ireland may be preoccupied with suntan lotions and barbeques, but here in Cork it's brollies and raincoats.

How on earth can Mother Nature deliver soaring temperatures for Dublin while covering the south in cloud and rain?.

Last week, we all thought it was a joke devised by some Dublin wit to put those of us in 'de real capital' in our place. But we finally realised that it wasn't a joke.

Ireland was basking in a heatwave and we realised we were late to the party.

On Thursday, temperatures soared and there was a mad scramble in Cork, Tipperary and Waterford for picnic tables and deck chairs. But it lasted all of 72 hours.

Now, watching the weather report is torture. As forecasters predict fine weather for the bank holiday - for Dublin - we scowl as the rain drifts across our windows.