Weekend thunderstorms will give way to another scorcher

By Emma Jane Hade

FLOOD warnings were issued for Dublin last night, but the sun will be back today with temperatures set to reach the mid-20s again.

Dublin City Council warned that as much as 40mm of rain was expected, and workers closed the floodgates on the River Dodder, which flows through Ballsbridge.

A council spokesman said: "Staff will continue to monitor the drainage network including rivers and streams."

He added that the weather alert would remain in place until noon.

Meanwhile, Met Eireann is forecasting that the country will swelter in "very warm" temperatures and high humidity for the coming days, but downpours will compete with the sunshine.

A hot and humid front known as the Spanish Plume is moving up from the north of Spain, across the Bay of Biscay and past Britain, where temperatures are pushing into the 30s.

A combination of sunshine, thunderstorms and heavy rain is likely to be in store for much of Ireland this weekend.

Forecaster John Eagleton said: "There are heavy, thundery showers coming up from the south. They'll move across the country throughout the night, and the bulk of that will be clear this morning.

"And then I think it will brighten, but cloud will build and there will be a few heavy showers in the afternoon.


"It will be a warm day, though not as warm as yesterday. Temperatures will be 19 to 23 degrees. It will be warm and humid."

Mr Eagleton added that things would improve over the coming days.

"Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are looking good," he said.

The Road Safety Authority appealed to drivers to take extra care in heavy rain, reminding them that it takes longer to stop in the wet.