Wee Daniel a raver? It makes my head swim

cIn a recent interview, Majella O'Donnell - wife of the silky-voiced, world-famous Donegal crooner Daniel - made the startling admission that they shared their first kiss while raving in a nightclub in the Canary Islands. I must admit that I was so stunned at this news that at first I thought I must be hallucinating. In fact I had to sit down. The very thought of our "wee Daniel" cavorting around a sweaty, loud den of sunsoaked partygoers, maybe even with chest bared and a gold medallion, a la John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, made my head swim. Who could have dreamed that this adored idol, who is almost venerated as a saint by his legions of middle-aged female fans, had lurking inside him a dancefloor king trying desperately to escape?