We won't be doing Celebrity Masterchef here ... I'd rather work with amateurs, says Dylan

Alexandra Ryan

MASTERCHEF star Dylan McGrath has ruled out the possibility on a celebrity version of the show here.

The show's frontman told the Herald that he would rather work with amateurs then with Ireland's top stars.

Dylan and award winning chef Nick Munier just wrapped up the first season of Masterchef Ireland amid speculation that a celebrity episode could follow.

But the top chef said there is no hope of seeing familiar faces in the kitchen.

Speaking to the Herald, the Michelin starred chef says he loved working with amateurs this season and would much rather have the opportunity to do a special series with industry professionals, than work with Ireland's VIPs.

"I'm not sure if other countries do a celebrity Masterchef, but I personally wouldn't want to do it. The other option is doing the show with cooking professionals. At the end of the day you have to have contestants on the show that are really keen, with a celebrity version you would have to make it quite short.

"You couldn't run it for too long. I think doing the show with professionals would be a much better idea."

And even though we won't know what type of contestants will be on the show yet, Dylan says there will definitely be a second season on the way. RTE confirmed this week that the ratings for the debut series were higher than TV3's Come Dine With Me, with over 250,000 Irish viewers tuning in to watch the final.

Dylan made the comments while launching this year's Taste of Christmas festival which is taking place in The Convention Centre from November 25-27.

He will join co-host Nick Munier and the show's finalists on stage for a special cook off, and share recipe secrets.