'Water, snacks and perfume are the keys to festival bliss'

ALANA Haim (22, pictured right) of LA sister trio Haim talks festival survival, rolling in the mud and crawling to the front.

Have you ever played a festival in Ireland before and, if not, has anyone warned you about the weather? 
"We played Phoenix Park last year (supporting The Killers).

Honestly, that was like one of the sunniest days on tour. We haven't fully experienced, like, full rainy days. I mean, I don't want to see it - I'm from LA and I love sun, but I feel like I need to get, like, really muddy at a festival. I think it's time for me to roll in the mud.


What five items do you need when attending a festival?

Oh my God, okay, let's see. Sunscreen, because I'm always in the sun, even though that probably makes no sense to you. Water is like the key to festivals. What else? I like bringing some type of, like, nice perfume spray so I smell good, because you know, at the end of a festival day, you smell awful. And snacks! That's a good one, too. And wear a bag.

"I mean this is super girly, but you want a backpack; you want something that's hands-free so you can dance. You don't want a bag that's gonna hold you down, like, I crawl on the floor to get to the front. That's my vibe."
What's on your festival tour rider?
"We really love avocados. We have a French bulldog puppy on our rider and no festival has given us one yet, so we'll see. Maybe in the future."

What is your earliest festival memory?
"The first festival I ever went to was Coachella, which was an hour away from my house. And when I was 15, Este and Danielle (Alana's sisters) somehow talked my parents into letting me go.

"I specifically remember we used to copy passes, like, main stage passes because we didn't have money to buy tickets to the festival. And this was before festivals had fancy, crazy sensors (at the entrance).

"It was basically just paper wristbands, and we copied them at a Xerox place, and my first ever festival experience was when I walked into Coachella and Arctic Monkeys were playing on the main stage during the day. I walked in, right up to the main stage, showed the security guard my fake main stage pass and he let me on stage. I was dancing with Arctic Monkeys. My first festival experience - the best 
experience of my life."

There is no camping allowed at Longitude, but given the choice, what would it be: tents or hotels?
"I'd have to say a hotel. It kills me to say it, but I'm just not a camping kind of person.

"I need to shower. I can't survive three days without a shower. So I respect that with Longitude. But we are not prissy girls. We love being in the crowd, we love being in the pit. You'll probably see us around the festival dancing our asses off…"

Haim play Longitude on Saturday,
 July 19