Watchdogs inundated by quango complaints

By Luke Byrne

REGULATORY bodies are receiving a litany of complaints about Irish Water for everything from alleged data protection breaches to water quality issues.

The Commission for Energy Regulation (CER), currently considering a request from the company to extended the registration deadline, received 650 "contacts".

These contacts were on a variety of issues and the commission said it has received 37 specific complaints about water quality.

The Data Protection Commissioner said that it has formally investigated three complaints in relation to Irish Water.


These complaints related to a previous data security breach which Irish Water notified to the office, it said. The office declined to comment on the outcome of these investigations but said that there was one ongoing formal investigation.

The Competition Authority could not provide specific figures, but a spokesperson said that it had been receiving an increasing number of calls and complaints about Irish Water in recent weeks.

Complaints that Irish Water was imposing unfair conditions on customers and that it was a monopoly were among them.