Watch out Donal - there's a new (younger) chef in town

By Fiona Gribben

THERE is a new culinary whizz-kid who despite his young age is making an 
impression on the Irish cookery 

Adrian Martin (22) is already tipped to be a familiar face on our TV screens as his career as a chef gathers steam.

The Cavan-native currently performs cookery demonstrations around the country and hopes to follow Donal Skehan (28) into television work.

"I'd like to bring across myself in a different way, so I'm currently learning butchery. It would be great to combine that with cookery - like a bit of a niche," he said.

"I think people have an interest in butchery, they like to know where there meat is from," he added.

The fresh-faced chef, who is regularly mistaken for being 16, is looking forward to his yet untitled cookery book coming out in the run up to Christmas.

The rising star admitted at the 
launch of 'Taste of Cavan' that he initially had a harder time winning over the 
critics than the older, more-established chefs.