Wall Street protest spreads across globe

AMERICANS protesting against corporate greed and inequality faced down authorities across the country before what organisers described as 24 hours of public action planned today in cities around the world.

Groups across the world from Asia to Europe -- and in every US state -- announced demonstrations.

The rapidly growing movement could link a protest that started in New York's financial district together with longer-standing anti-austerity demonstrations that have raged across Europe.

Demonstrators from San Francisco to New York resisted police, with some forming human chains and heckling corporate leaders. Hundreds have been arrested on minor charges since the protests started about a month ago.

Protesters from the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York celebrated yesterday after beating a plan they said was intended to clear them from the privately-owned park where they have slept, eaten and protested for the past month.

"We are going to piggy-back off the success of today and it's going to be bigger than we ever imagined," said protester Daniel Zetah.

In San Francisco, protesters heckled News Corp boss Rupert Murdoch. In Denver, Colorado, dozens of police in riot gear herded protesters away from the Colorado state capital grounds, dragging some and arresting about two dozen.

A call for mass protests today originated a month ago from a meeting in Spain.

South Korean activists pledged to bring 1,000 people into the capital's financial district and Rome is preparing for major protests.

Protesters in London vowed to occupy the Stock Exchange today.