Vow to find last Costa victim

An Italian official has promised that a search will be conducted for the only unrecovered body of the 32 Costa Concordia shipwreck victims as soon as the cruise liner is towed away from the island where it struck a reef in 2012.

Franco Gabrielli, who heads the Civil Protection Department overseeing the wreck's removal, also told reporters on Giglio Island that while weather conditions are not optimal, they are good enough to permit the start of operations to refloat and tow the Concordia to Genoa on the mainland for scrapping.

Gabrielli said it was a "great sorrow" that the body of an Indian waiter was never found. Delicate removal operations will last several days.

Japanese cars 'most reliable'

Japanese cars have topped a reliability table in which UK vehicles came last.

UK reliability figures were based on the performance of Jaguar, Land Rover and Vauxhall models.

Warranty Direct, which compiled the list, said UK brands were placed bottom of the eight-nation table "thanks to low reliability scores from both Jaguar and Land Rover".

The table was drawn up from analysis of UK-owned vehicles averaging five years old and with mileages of around 50,000.

The lower the score given to a country's cars, the more reliable they were.

Japan, with 80, was at the top, followed by France (113), South Korea (123) and USA (156).