Vogue gets a holiday... but Brian has to work as they both jet off to Las Vegas

Brian McFadden and Vogue Williams. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Vogue Williams and Brian McFadden have jetted off to Vegas - but only one of them is getting a holiday.

The couple have a lot to celebrate as not only have they put down an offer on a house in Howth, but Vogue has started a new DJ spot on Spin 1038.

And Brian has been revealed as the presenter of the Christmas Toy Show on TV3.

Vogue (28) took to the airwaves with her new radio dance show over the weekend and after hanging up her headphones on Saturday, flew out from Dublin Airport to join her former Westlife singer other-half in Sin City.

"He's doing a show for ITV, I'm not allowed say what it is but I don't care because I get four days in Vegas," Vogue told the Diary.

"I get a holiday but he has to work for four days while I'm going to go and hunt down Britney Spears... I've never been to Vegas either so I'm excited," she laughed.


In addition to her radio gig, Williams has plenty in the pipeline TV wise, both in Ireland and the UK.

Along with RTE's Reality Bites programme and Vogue Does the Afterlife, her fly-on-the-wall programme with McFadden Seven Days With on ITV aired to UK audiences on Monday night.

It saw the cameras follow Williams and her husband of two years as they go about their daily lives in London.

"It was a full week with the cameras around and it wasn't easy," Vogue said.

It seems that ITV is offering opportunity after opportunity for the couple.

While McFadden's daytime series Who Does the Dishes has been a ratings hit for the Dubliner, Williams is also becoming an established TV name in her own right.

"I'm starting two new shows with ITV, but I can't talk about them yet because not everything is lined up," Williams revealed.

"I'm afraid and I don't want to give too much away, but two programmes are with ITV and there's a third programme with another broadcaster in England too that I'll be doing in the new year."

Vogue is also set to record a new show with RTE but the scheduling will depend on her commitments in the UK.

"I'm going to start filming in either January or February, but I might be doing another show with a production company in England so that might have to wait until the end of February," she revealed.

"It's another documentary but it's not a 'Vogue Does' so I'm hopefully going to another one of those as well.

"It's really interesting, it's all about the Leaving Cert, so I can't wait," the rising star added.