Vogue defies Fade Street's slump in ratings as she's snapped up as new star

Caitlin McBride

FADE Street may be slumping in the ratings -- but it's doing wonders for Vogue Williams' modelling career.

The Assets model (24) has been a familiar face on the social scene since joining the modelling world in 2003.

But her career has gone from strength to strength in recent weeks, since nabbing a coveted spot on the brand new reality show, which focuses around her and three friends as they carve out a life for themselves in the capital.

In Fade Street's debut episode two weeks ago, the statuesque beauty claimed that she only had two photocalls during the summer and admitted she was also feeling the effects of the recession.

However, she is a now a regular in the photocall scene, most recently being snapped at the launch of the Dublin SPCA Santa Experience.

The leggy blonde has no qualms about sporting her cheesiest grin and stripping down to a bikini to promote various different products and riding the wave of her newfound fame.

Assets boss Derek Daniels said that while she has always been a popular model on the books, her profile from the show has seen a surge in jobs.

"She's been doing everything for quite a while really," he said.

"She only really started six or seven months ago, it takes a while to get to know a girl and build up your book.

"The show certainly isn't doing any harm but it's only been on a while. She's seeing a lot of work now."

While it may seem all smiles for Vogue, she is still battling the heartbreak of losing her father Freddie.

Fade Street co-stars Louise Johnston, Dani Robinson and Cici Kavanagh, and it follows the four beauties' antics around Dublin.

And while their show has come under fire from critics, one artist took it as an opportunity to incorporate Brian Cowen's fall from grace into his comic strip parody of the show, entitled Fake Street.

The animation features Louise and Dani giving Cowen fashion advice, saying that he needs to explore new "career options".

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