Virginia's happy to invite TV crew to her wedding...but no date yet

Laura Butler

NEWLY engaged Virginia Macari has revealed that she would let TV audiences see her walk down the aisle.

Unlike her Dublin Housewives co-star Lisa Murphy and fiance Gerald Kean, who have opted out of having their wedding day in the fly-on-the-wall show, fashion designer Virginia told the Diary that she'd allow TV3 cameras to capture her big day for television.

"It's a happy time, I'd be happy to share a wonderful moment in our lives," she divulged.

But the brunette admitted that she'll have to persuade her partner Kaste Dahl.

"Of course I'd have to speak to Kaste about it and realistically, it's not really his thing. He doesn't even like being photographed. But we'll see," she said.

The loved-up pair got engaged last weekend in New York. Virginia stressed that they have yet to set a date for the nuptials and will be taking their time organising their the bash.

"Right now I just want to enjoy what's happening at the moment and enjoy being engaged. The last thing I want to do is start organising a wedding. Things have been crazy with the baby and the filming, so we'll wait a few months before we start thinking about it."

The 35-year-old added that she'll be also waiting for her actress sister Sonia's big day to arrive before planning her own.

"Sonia is going to get married here in Ireland in September to Colin [Devlin]. So I want to let her get married first. She'll be over next month to prepare things, so I'm just going to help her get ready for her day."

Virginia added that she has been amazed by the reaction to Dublin Housewives, with over 400,000 tuning in.