Virginia planning house of dreams in Italian sun

SHE gave birth to baby Thor only a few months ago but busy Dublin Housewives star Virginia Macari is already onto what many would see as a pretty daunting project - building the house of her dreams.

And it won't be just down the road from her pals, it'll be in the Italian countryside.

Virginia thinks Italy is the ideal place to raise her seven-month-old son, Thor.

"I'd love to go back to Italy and bring Thor up there," the 36-year-old mum told The Diary. "It's the quiet life.


"There is none of the hustle and bustle of Dublin and I think that's good for him.

"We're building a house out there at the moment between Rome and Naples, where my family's from."

But the Italian socialite admitted that she would find giving up Dublin's social scene a challenge.

"I'll miss it but I'll always have one foot firmly in Dublin."

Virginia's partner is Norwegian businessman Kaste Dahl.

But Virginia has put her foot down when it comes to living in Scandinavia. "I couldn't do that. It's too cold for me"

Thor is certainly shaping up to be one cultured babe. "He'll be trilingual," Virginia said.

"I talk to him in Italian and Kaste talks to him in Norwegian. We want him to have both languages and English."

This Thursday, the mum will be thrusting her baby under the spotlight as he makes his modelling debut with Petit, a boutique shop specialising in designer children's wear.

"I'm really excited," Virginia said. "I can't wait. I'm bringing my mum along with me."

Thor will be joined by the son of Dublin Housewives co-star Jo Jordan, who is also a child model.

Proud mum Virginia says that when it comes to posing and pouting Thor doesn't need any encouragement. "I didn't have to teach him anything, he's a natural. Every time the camera is on him he stares straight down the lens. He loves it. I think that's what he inherited from me, everything else is his dad."

The petite brunette recently posed in a series of revealing photos for bi-monthly magazine Suburbia. Virginia said she hit the gym after giving birth to shift that baby weight.

"I work out, I do weights at Body Byrne gym. But breastfeeding was the real secret. It really helped me get my weight back down."

Virginia is currently getting ready for the final filming of TV3's Dublin Housewives. She confirmed that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dana Wilkey (41) will be appearing in the show.

While Dana will make several appearances in the series, she won't have a leading part.

"She'll have a role in the series but she won't be a regular. She won't be signed up for the series or anything like that."

Virginia said she couldn't wait for her co-stars to meet the feisty American.

"I think she'll be a great addition -- they'll definitely get on."