Viewers miss out on Katie's boxing victory

Caitlin McBride

KATIE Taylor has just nabbed her third consecutive title as a World Champion -- but Irish viewers missed out on her victory.

The Bray boxer (23) has achieved what few home-grown athletes have managed over the years -- to carve out an impressive name for themselves on the international sporting scene, but RTE viewers missed out on her crowning moment.

The State broadcaster had organised a live feed for proud boxing fans to watch online when the Wicklow woman battled it out in the finals of the World Championships in Barbados on Saturday night .

But the footage was nowhere to be seen when she eventually nabbed the gold medal.

Although footage of the fight was aired later on RTE Two at 11pm with analyses by Peter Collins, Bernard Dunne and Mick Dowling - most had already headed to bed rather than watch a fight that took place three hours earlier.

But the mishap hasn't stopped fans from announcing their support for the star.

One fan said: "Marvellous performance from Taylor. I had feared that last night's exertions against Queen Underwood might take their toll, but there were absolutely no ill-effects in evidence. Once again, she has reigned supreme."

The Bray champion is expected to jet home later today, and spoke of her pride at her accomplishments.

"I can't believe it really. It's a fantastic feeling to have retained my title out here," she said. "Having five bouts in a week at the World Championships was very tough and very demanding.

"My main focus now is the Olympic Games and we will see what happens after that."

President Mary McAleese has said all Irish people could be "immensely proud" of her.