Vandals hack limb off iconic U2 tree

Joshua Tree

By Laura Larkin

THE iconic Joshua Tree that featured on the cover of U2's album of the same name has been vandalised.

A limb of the tree, which is in the Mojave Desert in California, has been sawn off.

Fans of the band have treated the area as a pilgrimage destination since the album was released in 1987.

An underground stream caused the tree to uproot in 2000 and it now lies on the ground at the spot where Bono and Co posed.

One angry fan posted a picture of the hacked tree on a message board and urged others to leave it alone so future U2 fans can enjoy it.

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"I made my proverbial yearly hike out to the tree with my dog to reminisce, only to find that some hack decided it was a bright idea to take a hacksaw to one of the limbs - evidently to remove an inch-thick cross section as a souvenir," the fan wrote.

"Leave the damn tree alone so future fans can enjoy it."

The Joshua Tree was the band's fifth studio album, for which they picked up their first Grammy.

U2 scooped the award for Album of the Year and also took Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal at the same 1987 Grammys ceremony.