Unluckiest mum in €42k theft case flees

Aoife Nic Ardghail and Fiona Ferguson

A bench warrant has been issued for "the unluckiest woman in Ireland" after she left a Dublin court just before she was due to be sentenced.

Wicklow mother Sonia Kennedy (26) acted as look-out for her ex-boyfriend when he stole over €42,000 worth of items from a Dun Laoghaire boutique three years ago.

Judge Tony Hunt noted that Kennedy, of Coiscairne, Old Connaught Avenue, Bray, had been late for every court appearance before him.

He adjourned the case at Dublin Criminal Court after hearing from Lily Buckley, defending, that Kennedy had been in court but had not returned after telling her solicitor she was going to the toilet.

Judge Hunt said he would give "the unluckiest woman in Ireland" some time to return to court in case she had been "overcome by an accident". He later issued a bench warrant for her arrest.