Two out of three injured in season

THE GAA's National Injury Database, now in its seventh year, monitors injury data collected from the senior inter-county playing population. Since 2006, 45 (football) and 32 (hurling) teams have taken part with a total of 2,525 players being monitored. The main findings are:

12 out of every 3 players on a team will get injured at least once in a season.

1Over 1/3 of players will have more than one injury per season.

1Up to 1/4 of injuries will be a recurrence of an old injury.

1Over half of injuries will be during a match while over 1/3 are sustained during training.

1Lower limb injuries remain the most prevalent (football 76.3pc, hurling 69pc).

150-60pc of injuries occur in the second half of play.

1Only a very small number of injuries (2.3pc football and 2.2pc hurling) have been injuries to the head.

1Less than 1pc (0.8pc football, 0.5pc hurling) of all injuries have been diagnosed as concussion.

1 The most common injuries in Gaelic games are thigh (football 32.7pc, hurling 23.4pc); hamstring (football 23pc, Hurling16.7pc); knee (football 11.2pc, hurling 11.8pc); pelvis and groin (football 9.7pc, hurling 10.4pc).


1 Concussion is a brain injury that needs to be taken seriously to protect the long-term welfare of all players.

1 Any player suspected of having sustained a concussion should be removed immediately from the field and should not return to play on the same day.

1 Where a team doctor is present, he must advise the person in charge of the team in this regard and the player must not be allowed to continue his participation in the game.

1 It is important to monitor the player after the injury for progressive deterioration.

1 Concussion diagnosis is a clinical judgement - use of the SCAT 3 (sports concussion assessment tool 3) can aid the doctor in his/her diagnosis.

1 Players suspected of having a concussion must rest for at least 24 hours and then must follow a gradual return-to-play protocol.

1 Players must receive medical clearance (by a doctor) before returning to play.

(Guidelines presented by the GAA and UPMC Beacon Hospital)