Two cash van raids in five hours

Cormac Byrne

TWO armed gangs carried out cash-in-transit raids in Dublin and Meath within five hours of each other.

Detectives are on the look-out after the raids took place during the five-hour period yesterday.

Gardai do not believe that the incidents are linked to each other but were carried out by separate Dublin gangs

A gang of three raiders struck in Finglas at 3.40pm yesterday when a security man stepped out of a Securicor van.

The cash-in-transit van had pulled up outside the Spar shop on Glasnevin Avenue.


The security man was carrying a cash box when he was confronted by two masked men.

One of the raiders was carrying an iron bar while a third assailant waited outside the shop in the gang's getaway car.

The raid was over in seconds as the gang piled into their vehicle and fled the scene at high speed.

No one was injured and it is still unclear how much money was taken. Gardai later found the getaway car abandoned on Cedarwood Road in Glasnevin.

The robbery came five hours after a similar attack in Nobber, Co Meath.

At around 10.10am, two raiders armed with handguns made off with an undisclosed amount of money after a raid on a cash-in-transit van at the town's post office.


The two armed raiders held up the security worker as he made his delivery. They demanded the cash box he was carrying.

They then escaped with the cash and fled the scene in a white van, making off in the direction of Navan.

The vehicle was later found on fire at Whitewood Lake, Kilmainhamwood.

It is believed that the suspects changed to a black car, which was believed to have been driven by a third accomplice.

No shots were fired and no one was injured.