'Twitter? I can't understand it'

TWITTER? Ban it! That's Robbie Keane's take on new technology and the impact fast fingered footballers are having on the game.

"I can't understand it. My missus is on it. Telling everybody what we're doing, I just don't get it. You're trying to hide and you're telling people, 'oh, I'm just having a coffee' and then you don't understand why people turn up. 'How did you get here'?"

"It's changing isn't it? The technology now is incredible. It's certainly not something I'd be interested in doing," he said before admitting that he is maybe a bit too old school for tweeting and is seen that way in the Ireland squad.

"Yeah, probably, sometimes I just ask them. Why?" "Seán St Ledger. Tweeting about the pitch. I said, 'You play with Leicester, I'd like to see the pitch there, it must be f**king Wembley or something."

"That's what I said to him, it must be Wembley, Leicester's pitch because the Aviva Stadium is quite nice I thought. It's just how quick they do it. It's two seconds after training," he said shaking his head.

"I just think there has to be common sense, just use your head like. It baffles me. There should be something because if you start tweeting about something (that has) got to do with the game, then from the manager's point of view I imagine it must be frustrating."