Tweeting, eating and golf - life can be a hectic rollercoaster

ronan storm

Michael O'Doherty

ANOTHER week, another Ronan Keating and Storm Uechtritz interview.

This time Ro and Stormy shared more insights into their fabulous yet hectic life in the pages of Hello!

One would have thought that the couple might have been a bit more reticent.

After all, when Rosanna Davison appeared in the mag last month, her wedding was spread out over 16 pages, yet the magazine only considered Ronan to be worth a paltry four.

And even within the minor spread, Ronan had to play a supporting act to Brian McFadden and wife Vogue, who were the main focus of the article in question - a golf outing organised by Brian.


None of this put off the couple from revealing yet more details about their life, and particularly Keating's upcoming role in a London musical.

"We're excited became we're going to have a normal life," revealed Ronan, "we can go to the gym, we can cook in the kitchen..."

The implication being, of course, that their stellar careers prevent them from leading what you or I would consider to be "normal life".

Storm chipped in with her own thoughts about the difficulty in finding time to themselves, due to the non-ending processing of adoring fans who interrupt them on the rare nights they're out together.

"We can be out to dinner talking about something important," bemoaned Storm, "and someone wants to take a picture. I'll be like 'It's not a great time', but Ro will always give them his time."

This selfless sacrifice on behalf of the fans during their rare 'us time' is all very well, except for one tiny problem.

Exactly what is it in Ronan's life that keeps him apart from Storm, and what are these "important" things they're discussing?

A couple of months ago, they were in Dublin to attend a movie, and for Storm to promote a clothing brand.

Four weeks ago, they were in Dublin to host a dinner for a little-known UK socialite.


And all the while, their nauseating joint Twitter account, @roandstormy, is alive with incessant tweets of their favourite things.

Last week, they tweeted a picture of the dinner at a seafood restaurant in Westport.

A few days before that, it was a chipper in Howth, and the day before that, a cafe in Galway.

Giving countless interviews together, playing golf, "hosting" dinners, promoting clothes and tweeting pictures of food.

You have to feel sorry for Ro and Stormy, and the busy, working life that keeps them apart...