TV round-up

David Lawlor

ireland's secret sex lives: Paul connolly investigates

TV3, 9pm The journalist turns his attention to sex in modern Ireland . . . ooh er missus! He explores the crazes of swinging (no, nothing to do with ropes), fetishism (no, not diets) and dogging (and you can knock any ideas of Crufts on the head, too) as he infiltrates the country's underground sex scene, and speaks to the ordinary men and women who drive it.

it's a dunne deal

Bernard dunne's brod club

RTE1, 7.30pm New series. The retired boxer's (left) campaign to re-engage 100,000 people with the Irish language, uses guerrilla tactics, publicity stunts and, er probably, the threat of three rounds in the ring with him if they don't have a go at the cupla focal.

it's Gloves off

storyville: knuckle -- bare fist fighting

BBC4, 10pm One for Bernard Dunne. If you missed this on RTE last week, now you have another chance. Documentary examining the secretive world of bare-knuckle boxing among Ireland's Travellers over the course of 12 years. The film focuses on a long-running feud between two families.

moving off the land

the fastest changing place on earth

BBC2, 7pm This World explores the biggest urbanisation project in human history, as the Chinese government seeks to turn half a billion farmers into city-dwelling consumers.

In what should prove to be a fascinating documentary, made over a six-year period, Carrie Gracie follows the lives of three people in a rural village during the upheaval, which will see the creation of thousands of new cities.