TV Paddy Power ad rapped in gender row

Josie Clarke

BOOKMAKER Paddy Power has been rapped for discrimination against the transgender community after an ad inviting viewers to spot the "stallions" from the "mares" received 92 complaints.

The TV ad, screened in February ahead of Ladies Day at the Cheltenham Festival, stated: "...we're going to make Ladies' Day even more exciting by sending in some beautiful transgendered ladies. Spot the stallions from the mares".

The ad showed brief shots of people at the event while the voiceover guessed their gender.

In one scene a woman was shown holding a dog while the voiceover stated "woman" then hesitated while the shot changed to show a woman walking out of a men's toilet and stated "dog, I mean man".

The Advertising Standards Authority received 92 complaints that the ad was offensive and condoned and encouraged harmful discriminatory behaviour. The ad must not be shown again.