Turn up the music and forget our troubles

Chris Doyle, 98FM

It's such a turn-off -- doom and gloom, financial crises, budget cuts and job losses. People have had enough, and there's only one thing for it -- turn off, then turn on some music.

The latest radio listenership results have shown all the major music stations in Dublin increasing their audience share, with a move away from the more talk- based stations. It is not the end for talk radio -- people still want to know what is happening -- but they also want what talk radio is not providing them, fun and escapism.

We talk to our audience a lot, and it's not all focus groups and research questionnaires. Our listeners are very active, they text, email, Facebook and Tweet, so you very quickly pick up what they like and dislike. Heading into 2010, it was very clear that people wanted to get away from doom and gloom. They have a basic need to be happy and after two years of misery, you can't blame listeners for being ready to move on.