Trap furious with charges

From Paul Hyland in Budapest

GIOVANNI Trapattoni read the riot act to his players after a troubling 0-0 draw with Hungary which could so easily have ended in a hiding.

The Irish boss was spluttering with indignation in a chaotic after-match press conference, with his players the clear target for his displeasure.

"We have a difficulty against teams which play with one striker and five in midfield. I knew this before and I must now review why this happened," he fumed.


Trapattoni used Kevin Doyle in a deep role to counteract Hungary's five-man midfield but the attempt failed badly.

"Our opponent could have been a minimum of two goals ahead at half-time. They deserved to be," he said. "I must show the players why this happened and explain it to them."

It now looks likely that Trap was ridiculously premature when he suggested before the game that his chosen eleven would play through the Euro 2012 tournament injury permitting.

Changes are now likely before Sunday's tournament opener against Croatia in Poznan with Doyle the most likely man to pay the price.