Tragedy as 19 die in crash fireball

Dominic Harris

NINETEEN people died today in a plane crash in Nepal, including seven Britons, along with five Chinese people, as well as three Nepalese passengers and four crew.

The twin-engine propeller plane crashed shortly after take-off near Nepal's capital, Kathmandu. Witnesses said it burst into flames and came down in a field 500m from the airport.


The pilot reported trouble two minutes after take-off, and airport official Ratish Chandra Suman said the plane appeared to have been trying to turn back.

Mobile phone footage showed the front section on fire as it hit the ground. It seemed the pilot had tried to land the plane on open ground.

The fire quickly spread to the rear, but the tail was still in one piece at the crash site. Villagers were unable to approach the plane because of the fire and it took some time for firefighters to reach the area.