Top detective celebrates retirement in style with pals at new Aviva stadium

Aoife Anderson

ONE of Dublin's top detectives retired off the force at the weekend, with a spectacular party at the new Aviva stadium.

John Murphy, is one of the garda's youngest superintendents, and decided to hand in his badge at the age of 50, having served on the force for 30 years.

Supt Murphy served in the detective branch in Dublin for much of his career, and on promotion was in the TrafficDepartment at Dublin Castle, later becoming the district commander at the Bridewell station.

On Saturday, John enjoyed a fitting farewell party at the Aviva, surrounded by hundreds of friends, colleagues and family.

His dad, John Snr, the famous former chief of detectives in Dublin, was in attendance as was Commissioner Fachtna Murphy.

Others there for the joint retirement and 50th birthday were long-time friends from the world of showbiz including U2's Larry Mullen, Lisa Murphy and Gerald Kean.

Good friends Anne Doyle and her partner Dan McGrattan were also there.

John has been a senior detective in Raheny and later Pearse Streett.

On promotion to Superintendent he moved to Cavan and then Dublin Traffic.In 2008, he took command at the Bridewell.

As District Officer, John's been in charge of the courts andplayed a major role in setting up the new court complex.

"I'm really happy and delighted with the turn out," said John, who will officially finish working next Wednesday.

"I have no plans at the moment except I'm going to take up golf and enjoy myself for the next couple of months," said Superintendent Murphy