Tonight I'll be in the pub with pals for my birthday

I turn 34 next Tuesday but I am going to celebrate with my family and friends tonight.

I won't be here next week so Jodi said: "Let's just do something this weekend instead."

So we are going to get everyone down to a local pub and it will be very chilled – just a great gathering of family and friends.

We are quite laid back when we go out so it won't be a big party or anything.

I have no worries about getting older, that kind of stuff doesn't bother me at all.

When I look back at what has happened to me and all the things I have done I feel like I have lived at least two lifetimes in 34 years. So I don't take anything for granted.

Saturday is going to be a hangover day for us to chill out and will probably involve a surf in the morning to clear the cobwebs from the night before.

It will be just a quiet DVD night on Saturday – that's my life when I'm in Sligo, its very laid back and low key.

I will stay down there until Sunday morning and then it will be straight up to the Helix in Dublin for the Voice of Ireland live grand final.

So I will just drive up on Sunday morning, plonk myself down on my red chair and throw out a few nasty comments.

Jokes aside I will be fair and honest, but I really hope Brendan McCahey (pictured inset) wins the show – he has the best and most distinct voice.