tipperary RATINGS

Darren Gleeson: Hard to blame him for three goals, and denied TJ Reid, yet not totally assured. Rescued by James Barry in first half, and penalised for late tap-over free. RATING 6

Cathal Barrett: Our standout defender over the 70 minutes. Time and again he came away with the ball, while comprehensively seeing off Walsh Walsh. RATING 9

James Barry: A mixed bag on his All-Ireland debut. Made some timely sweeping interventions but struggled in the air on Reid, leading to that first goal. RATING 6

Paddy Stapleton: Some fine periods and some torrid ones. Got sucked away from Richie Power for first goal, and couldn't keep pace with his man for his second, but storming finish capped by a point. RATING 7

Kieran Bergin: Started on Eoin Larkin and suffered early leakage, as well as fouling his man for a first quarter point. More solid second half. RATING 7

Brendan Maher: Strangely uninvolved for such a pivotal player. Didn't hurl a lot of ball, hit a second half wide. RATING 6

Pádraic Maher: Some swashbuckling stuff on the front foot, some shrewd distribution, but also leaked scores to Richie Hogan in the second half. RATING 7

Shane McGrath: Their more influential midfielder, he hit two from play including an inspirational first half strike on the run. RATING 8

James Woodlock: Never allowed same space to match semi-final heroics. Showed good acceleration for his early point. RATING 7

Gearóid Ryan: By some distance the least effectual of Tipp's on-fire attack. Subdued first half and even his one point was a goal chance blazed well over. RATING 5

Lar Corbett: More like the vintage Lar. Hit two excellent first half points but arguably more influential in a scoreless second, creating chances for others and denied a wonder goal by the post. RATING 8

Patrick Maher: Caused mayhem with his aerial prowess - cue one goal and another chance tipped over. Also won first penalty but, on down side, failed to find his man with two hand-passes. RATING 8

John O'Dwyer: So close to being the match-winner, but still a huge final crowned by five points from play. Struck his penalty well - but not well enough. RATING 9

Séamus Callanan: Apart from a poorly struck penalty and a late mis-hit, he had a powerful final, running JJ Delaney out of his comfort zone and taking his five points from play brilliantly. RATING 9

Noel McGrath: Reserved his best display of summer for September. Four excellent points and some sublime passes too. RATING 8


Michael Cahill: Came on to try and stifle Richie Hogan - and duly struck a point of his own. RATING 7

Eoin Kelly: The penalties came too early! RATING 6

Jason Forde: A crucial cameo, hitting the penultimate point. RATING 7

John O'Brien: Not on long enough.

- COMPILED BY frank roche