Three held for museum theft

Two Chinese artefacts stolen in a break-in at a university museum in England are estimated to be worth £2m, police said.

Three people have been arrested in connection with the raid on the Oriental Museum at Durham University.

Police said there was a break-in at the building at about 10.40pm on Thursday night. A jade bowl and a porcelain statue were stolen.

Ikea shake-up

in spying storm

The management of Ikea in France, where workers have sued the company for allegedly spying on employees, have admitted that activities contravening its ethical standards had taken place and pledged to put a stop to them.

Police searched the French headquarters of the Swedish furniture group in Paris last month.

Turkey hit by Syrian crisis

The fighting which has raged in the north of Syria for months now threatens to spill over into Turkey and has forced thousands of refugees to cross the border in the past three days alone.

As many as 3,000 people have fled the fighting since Wednesday, taking the total crowding the refugee camps to 25,000.

Fighting has intensified ahead of the deadline for an internationally brokered ceasefire on Tuesday.