'They're like zombies' The 'crazy man's drug' that is taking hold across capital


IT has been described as a "crazy man's drug" and is strengthening its grip across the city.

In July, a warning was issued that crystal meth had gained a foothold in south-west Dublin.

It's now available in the north of the city and its availability is increasing.

The drug is so highly addictive that users become hooked after just three or four doses of it.

In July, addiction counsellors in Tallaght told the Herald the drug was beginning to take hold there.

Liam Collins, from the Fettercairn Project in Tallaght, described it as a "crazy man's drug," especially when mixed with alcohol.

"There are small pockets of it moving around the west Tallaght area," he said.

"It's a crazy man's drug. They're like zombies going around when they take it and they're high for three days with that stuff.

"They can't sleep. And alcohol with it is quite an atrocious combination."


Tom Gilsenan from Jobstown Assisting Drug Dependency explained that crystal meth makes users violent and the addiction is difficult to treat: "With crystal meth you have a fear of people getting extremely violent. It's so addictive. And you'll find that the dealers of crack have gotten into it and are giving it to people then," he said.

"Methadone doesn't do anything for a crystal meth addiction.

"There's nothing for it except counselling.

"When it takes hold, a residential detox would be the only answer."

Fr Peter McVerry, who runs a trust for homeless people in the city, said he had heard reports from drug users that the drug is now available in Ballymun.

"What I hear is that it's available in Ballymun. A few people I've spoken to have taken it," he said.