The Script kick off world tour at the O2 -- after a nice cup of tea

Claire Murphy

DUBLIN band The Script kicked off a whirlwind global tour in their hometown.

The five-piece took to the stage in the O2 venue last night for the first of three sell-out shows.

But the international pop stars said they have not lost cravings for home comforts.

Drummer Glen Power revealed that the one thing the band have when they are touring is a cup of Irish tea.

"The first thing we do in the morning is put the kettle on," the pop star said.

"When I go away, and this is no joke, my mother throws a box of Barry's Tea in the bag."

And the band had only one request ahead of the show -- a packet of teabags.

Glen joined lead singer Danny O'Donoghue and bandmates Mark Sheehan, Paul Walker and Terry Daly in front of the Dublin crowd last night.

"I can't believe we're here in Dublin to do an arena show," said Power.

"The best part of coming home is playing to the home crowd. The atmosphere is always unbelievable."

The Script will play another two shows -- tonight and tomorrow -- before taking on an eight-month worldwide tour that takes in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong and the US.

The band revealed that they specifically designed a set which would not lose the feeling of an intimate gig, despite playing stadiums.

"One of the things that gets us buzzing as a band is when we are close to fans and can touch hands," said guitarist Mark Sheehan.

"So we designed the set so can still get close to the crowd, so that they feel the energy and we feel the energy."