DID you hear about the group of Irish fans who bought a camper van for €400 to get them to the Euros?

It broke down one kilometre from its destination after getting the lads all the way from Dublin to Poznan.

The extraordinary 1,932km journey fell short just a stone's throw for their campsite in Poland, getting the group from Dublin to the European Championships right on time for Sunday's match with Croatia.

"It stayed going all the way through Cologne, Berlin but then we pulled into the Market Square in Poznan, switched off the engine and that was it," explained Scott Parker, one of the group who come from Blanchardstown and Castleknock.

"We went to start it again and there was nothing. I think the alternator, the fan and the fuel injector might be gone.

"We had to get towed to the campsite. We've only paid for one night but they can't get rid of us now unless they tow us out."

However the unfortunate turn of events hasn't deterred Scott and his colleagues who have been sponsored by the Bell pub.

"We bought the van in Tyrone for €400 and went from Dublin to Rosslare to Cherbourg. We got to the see the D-Day landing celebrations along the way.

"Someone inherited a load of seats in Cologne because we decided to throw them out to make more room for sleeping," he adds.


They are now looking at flying home to Dublin and abandoning the ill-fated van in a field on the outskirts of Poznan.

Another €400 van -- that was still working -- belong to a group of fans lads who raised money along the way of the Irish Cancer Society.

Kieran Dowling from Wicklow explained: "We've raised nearly €2,000 so far on 'The Lads' Trip to Poland'."

The group who have just finished college picked up their van on Donedeal and have been campaigning online to raise money.

"We're here until the 25th and then we have a week to drive back so we'll get to see lots of places."