The one beauty product I would never, ever (ever) be without


VICHY Aqualia Thermal Power Serum

€22.50 HHHHI

One wee pump, and your face is covered, and your neck, too. I liked it so much, that I put it on my decolletage, too - heck, I had to stop myself doing my arms. My skin got a little bit dry, once it absorbed, but I was following up with moisturiser anyway...

KIEHL'S Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturising Serum Concentrate


I felt rehydrated on contact, which was refreshing, but I wasn't so convinced as to the re-texturising. This would be a good one to bring on a sun holiday, when your skin may be overexposed to the sun.

NUXE PARIS Merveillance Lifting Serum For Visible Lines

€33.80 HHHHH

This is one of those that you apply and within seconds go, "Wow". This claims to fill in, firm, and tighten visible lines. My skin definitely tightened, and felt firm and my skin looked really good, so: truth in advertising! A new fave.

BLISS Active 99.0 Anti-Aging Serum

€130 (RRP) HHHII

I have a hide like a rhino: it takes a lot for my skin to react. This stuff was extremely active, meaning that I had to use moisturiser directly after to chill it out. Once I got used to it, I began to see really good results. Not for the sensitive!

CLINIQUE Smart Custom-repair Serum

€125 HHHHI

One little pump, and all was well with my skin: this absorbed immediately and my complexion looked brighter. It also felt tighter, in mainly a good way; skipping the day cream was not going to be a good idea, though, so I didn't.

ORIGINS Plantscription Anti-aging Power Serum


I found this to be especially great on days when I felt like my skin was drier than usual - like in the winter. In tandem with the matching face cream, you've got a brief regimen that really makes your skin look dewier and plumper.

Great for morning and night, I would use serum at noon, too, if it wasn't for makeup. I wouldn't cheat this step in my regime if you paid me.