The Gaga party's started early

Conor Feehan

Dublin has gone a bit Gaga.

That can be the only explanation for more than 100 of her crazy fans camping outside the Aviva in the hope of meeting their hero tonight.

With torn fishnets, hyped-up hair, leather hot pants and mad make-up, there was plenty of colourful fun in the growing crowd hoping to get into the Monster Pit when the doors open later on.

But one plucky girl was ahead of the posse in her bid move to secure the coveted 'key' to meeting Gaga.

Gemma (20), from Dublin, has slept in a tent outside the Aviva for the past 10 nights.

"She is my idol, she is everything, I just love her message and how she empowers you," Gemma said. "I have met so many friends through her, a lot of them are here in the queue."


"This will be my 14th time to see her, but I have never met her, I'm really excited about it," she added.

Asked what she will say to her, Gemma said: "I just want to thank her for everything, and for all the friends I've met, but I'll probably just go crazy and cry."

While the fans have been waiting in Dublin, Lady Gaga has been hitting headlines by shaving her hair

On Thursday, she threw a massive party to launch her latest perfume and stunned attendees, including Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, by stripping off her wig to get a tattoo on her neck.

When she takes the stage she's expected to dazzle with no less than 15 costume changes. And in the front row will be pals Sabrina Miller (19), Christopher Drain (18) and Naomi McCune (18), from Belfast, who queued early in the hope that they will get picked to go backstage.

"The more outlandish you are the better the chance you have of being picked," smiled Naomi in her see-through body suit, unicorn horn and stiletto heels.