The first step to a dewy complexion is the shrinking of the pores


SISLEY PARIS Global Perfect Pore Minimiser

€147 HIIII

For that price I expect someone to come over every day and apply this for me. The creamy texture didn't strike me as effective, and after dedicated usage I really couldn't make out much of a difference to my skin.

ESTEE LAUDER Idealist: Pore Refining Skin Refinisher


This too is creamy, and I just didn't get the texture. Not serum-y enough for a serum, not enough heft for a moisturiser, it is neither here nor there and I didn't really feel it made much impact on my pores.

YVES SAINT LAURENT Pore Refining Skincare Brush


This dispenses via a brush on the end of the tube and it certainly allows you to spread the love, but I didn't see much change. Also, it's too fragrant. I gave this a good go and really did like the brush, but set it aside.

DR PERRICONE Pore Minimiser


Okay, this is amazing. I am very serious about this, and as I write I have my serious face on - my face, sporting seriously refined pores. I used this liquid every night for over a month and in that time the radiance on my face grew and grew because my pores shrank and shrank. Spendy, but how much would you pay for a miracle?

SUPER FACIALIST BY UNA BRENNAN Tea Flower Deep Clean Anti-Shine Pore Minimiser


I don't know about the deep clean part, but the anti-shine was pretty amazing. I used this when I couldn't be bothered with anything: no foundation, no BB cream even, and my skin looked matte, yet fresh. Best bargain.


Perfection in a tube. Once applied, the clear, unscented product felt like velvet and dried down to the ideal base on which to put my primer, then my foundation. So many steps. That doesn't bother me, because in the end I felt like I'd photoshopped my face in real life.

Young ones like Jennifer Lawrence have glowing faces, but there's no reason why some attention to your pores can't result in improved texture and radiance.